Master’s degree (MBA) in Healthcare Management

Master (MBA) of Healthcare Management

The American Medical Academy (AMA) is offering MBA in Healthcare Management program for the qualified US and international students in our joint facility in USA. This program is offered in partnership with Herzing University. New classes start three times per year (January, May and September). Due to the current COVID 19 global epidemic situation, the fall class of 2020 start only the first week of November 2020.

AMA is now accepting applications from qualified international medical graduates (MBBS/MD degree holders) to study at our partner institution, Herzing University Atlanta Campus. Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and was established in 1965. Expand your career possibilities by taking the Herzing MBA degree in Healthcare Management; with AMA’s optional USMLE step 1, step 2 exams, clinical observation and limited training.

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Program Overview

Candidates with MBBS/MD degree background enrolled for the program must, at minimum, complete a total of 33 + 3 credit hours, with 9 elective credit hours at Herzing University campus in Atlanta. With the foregoing, these candidates can complete the MBA in Healthcare Management degree in 12 months tine (for 12 months format, certain conditions apply). Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive the MBA in Healthcare Management degree from Herzing University Atlanta campus.

The MBA in Healthcare Management is a professional degree designed to prepare graduates for doing responsible management and executive roles in the 21st century healthcare organizations. This MBA program is a high-quality, practice-oriented program of study scheduled to permit busy professionals to balance the demands of career, family, and school (university/institution). The core course of the MBA program includes a broad array of foundation subjects, all oriented toward challenges and problems encountered in the present day business organizations. Students are expected to work individually and in groups to conduct research and to develop solutions to problems posed in class and those brought into class from the workplace. The program is also designed to serve the needs to talented students, regardless of their undergraduate degree. Our Academy welcomes and encourages students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Optional USMLE step 1, step 2 exam preparation & clinical observation training:

Candidates also have the option of completing our USMLE step 1, step 2 training, (the USMLE step 1, step 2 & clinical observation training is NOT part of the Herzing MBA program). For every group of 8 to 15 international junior doctor candidates, AMA offers the optional USMLE step 1 and step 2 training which includes Basic life support (BLS), Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced life support (LALS). The training is conducted over sixteen weeks and includes exam reviews and preparation, six weeks of clinical observation and two weeks of limited practical training in the healthcare field (a total 24 weeks). For this optional training program, AMA is currently offering special scholarship as a special promotion for the participants (this opportunity will not be available for long). Candidates can register for this optional AMA’s USMLE training program after the start of the health care management MBA classes at Herzing’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

MBA in Healthcare Management

Welcome to the American Medical Academy (AMA) and the Department of Healthcare Management. Our MBA in Healthcare Management offers the best in healthcare business, the management theory and its practical training gives hands on experience- tied to healthcare - and is administered through the experienced industry local and international practitioners.

Our programs differ from other traditional educational setting in the region; American Medical Academy’s MBA in Healthcare Management is a practitioner-teacher model programs and it prepares the graduates to handle the management and administrative challenges of the present global health care community.

Here you will find a culture that encourages you to communicate with other students, faculty and industry. We (our academy and our partners) lead by example, building beneficial ties with industry and graduates who - through their participation on our advisory boards, in curriculum design, as guest lecturers, and in work placements - help us deliver a quality education.

If you are looking to work in the healthcare industry as a business management professional then we are your choice for the MBA program. We deliver an education that is globally focused so that you can succeed in an industry that is globally competitive.

Through our teaching and training techniques, students get a solid foundation in service and operational issues, plus students gain strategic business management skills. In fact, they are exposed to virtually every branch of healthcare business that affects the healthcare industry through the practical training.

Exchange Study Opportunity with other International Universities

The AMA’s Healthcare Management provides students with a top-tier, globally focused MBA education in Healthcare Management, and it gives an insider's understanding of this growing industry.

Faculty and Staff

Our professors and trainers lead by example. They build ties with industry and alumni, who help us deliver a quality education through their participation on our advisory council, in curriculum design, as guest lecturers, and much more.

The AMA’s MBA in Healthcare Management faculty is focused on teaching and learning excellence. We emphasize the highest standards of teaching ability reinforced by a combination of scholarship and relevant business experience. Our entire local, regional and international faculty (including visiting professors) has considerable industry experience, past and current, that contributes to the applied nature, relevance to the 21st century Global environment.

Our teaching focus is on the basis of our strength and differentiated appeal. We place a high value on faculty who undertake externally driven research that can make a substantial contribution to curriculum through the advancement of knowledge in the field. Our academy also gives equal importance to faculty members whose depth of industry experience enriches the real-world dimension of our academic program.

Most of our faculty members belong to one or more industry associations. Faculty members regularly work with industry in a consulting capacity, both formal and informal way, on matters where their expertise and contacts are highly valued.

For Prospective Students:

AMA’s Healthcare Management Faculty is led by highly qualified professionals and our MBA graduates in Healthcare Management have the opportunity to manage, consult, supervise or launch their own ventures in healthcare filed anywhere. This is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry and graduates have very high demand and excellent opportunity to be employed anywhere in the world.

Management & Teaching Modules

  • Aim

    • To be exposed to “state of the art” management concepts in Healthcare Management, Marketing, Operations, HRM & Organization and Finance, discuss and debate about their value and how to apply these in organizations in the healthcare & service industry.

  • Assessment

    • A student’s progress and performance in a management module will be assessed in many forms: group or individual assignments; class participation; take-home exam or written examination (directly after completion of the module).

Additional information for the MBA program

General Prerequisites:

Students without appropriate undergraduate work (Bachelor degree in business work) or substantial business experience, a perquisite course is required. The student will be notified prior to give admission.

Admission Standards:

Admission to the AMA- Herzing MBA in Healthcare Management program is open to qualified applicants holding MBBS/MD degrees from accredited colleges/universities or appropriately certified international educational institutions. The American Medical Academy also welcomes applicants with training and experience in fields other than the medicine, provided the candidate has taken appropriate bachelor degree course work. The admission decision is normally made on the bases on one or more the following:

1. A grade point average of at least 3 (on a 4.0 scale) during the last two years of the bachelor degree work and any subsequent graduate study.

2. Interview with the faculty members of the Institution, if deemed necessary.

3. Three current professional recommendations.

4. A statement about why the candidate is interested for the MBA in Healthcare Management program and his/her professional goal.

MBA in Healthcare Management Graduation Requirements:

A student is eligible for graduation when the following requirements are met:

1. Satisfactory completion of all requirements in the program of study developed (enrolled) in consultation with the faculty members.

2. A grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

3. Fulfillment of all financial obligations to the academy.