US Medical Observatory Program for Foreign Medical Graduates

American Medical Academy (AMA) offers the US observatory program through our network of partner healthcare organizations and this include the teaching hospitals and clinics for the foreign medical students and foreign medical school graduates. This program also allows the candidate to learn & improve the medical skills by observing the methods of US clinical care and also become more familiar with the American Medical System and treatment methods, etc. Upon completion of the program, candidates would receive certificates. The AMA’s US training and the observation program completion certificates would also improve the chances for the candidate to get the US residency opportunity, for those qualified candidates.

The AMA’s program is flexible and candidate can chose to do short six weeks program or chose to do 8 weeks program or 12 weeks program, as per the need of the candidate. It is also possible for the candidate to extend the program to six months and to do the clinical Externship through AMA’s partner hospitals and clinics. As part of the AMA’s observatory and training program, candidate also would attend and secured the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), BLS (Basic Life Support), and PALs (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certifications.

Externship Programs:

The Externship program is a hands on US clinical training program and it is primarily designed to match residency program requirements for the Foreign Graduate applications. Having U.S. Clinical Experience will increases the number of programs to which candidate may apply and it will also places the candidate ahead of other applicants who do not have the US experience.

[Some of the most popular US Clinical Externship program includes the 3 months and 6 months programs and these training would help the candidate’s residency application to meet the requirements of approximately 80% to 95% of all U.S. programs (the six months program produce up to 95% favorable results compared to other candidates). The 3 months and 6 months programs are designed such a way that the candidate would gain clinical experience with 3 different attending physicians within the same specialty or its sub-specialties. Also candidate would obtain the 3 separate letters of recommendation from the candidate’s training or Attending Physicians (these letters of recommendation are mandatory for securing the residency position).]

Program Overview:

The American Medical Academy (AMA) is proud to announce the clinical observation for the foreign medical students and medical graduates from the non US Medical universities, and the program/s would be offered through our partner US teaching hospitals and clinics. This training opportunity would help the participants to obtain the experience that required in a U.S. clinical based medicine. AMA is offering this program in partnership with our network of partner US training organizations and together, we are opening new opportunities and new experiences for our international medical graduates and medical students.

Clinical Observation and Rotations Programs for the Foreign Medical Graduates:

AMA’s US clinical observation and clinical experience program is ideal for foregin medical students and foreign medical university graduates and it open all kinds of doors for the candidates in their future medical profession. This program is also help the candidate to match for those who wish to fulfill very specific U.S clinical rotation experience needs during a pre-set time frame (for those candidates who wish to do the US residency). Regardless of the length of the program candidate chose to participate through AMA, we will place you in the right place through our network of partners. (Even if it is a simple 6 weeks clinical observation program or it is a combination of observation and clinical rotation together 22 weeks or longer, including the clinical specialty; participants would get maximum benefits).

The Clinical Rotation Program:

The Clinical Rotation program is a basic program designed solely for the International Medical Graduates. AMA arrange a carefully planned program through our training partners. The Clinical Rotation provides the candidates with an overall clinical experience in primary care, and also give an introduction to various subspecialties. This program will allow the candidate to obtain the outpatient and inpatient rotations among our network of hospitals and clinics, and ultimately it will allow the candidate to receive clinical experience in the preferred specialty when he/she chose to applying for US residency.

Core Specialties filed:

  • Family Practice

  • Psychiatry

  • Pediatrics

  • General Surgery

  • Internal Medicine

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

Some of the Elective Specialties:

  • Rep Endocrinology (IVF)

  • Infectious Disease

  • Nephrology

  • Hematology & Oncology

  • Rheumatology

  • Immunology & Allergy

  • Gastroenterology

  • Neurology

  • Neonatology

  • Cardiology

  • ETC

These two items required prior to start the US observation and or rotation Program:

  • Health Insurance

  • Malpractice Insurance

General Information:

AMA will assist the candidate with the visa supporting documents for the qualified candidates; also AMA take candidates on a regular basis, throughout year. AMA provides the necessary assistance to our candidates to get the accommodation and insurance and also provide other ongoing assistance to the candidate once the candidate arrive in USA for doing the clinical observation and or clinical rotation program.

For AMA’s observation program & its training fee and for all other relevant information, please contact our office and or contact the concerned representative’s office.