Programs Offered
Masters and Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Diploma Programs

Midstate College offers many degrees that fit into the career plans of any student. For MBA program, full time student can complete the degree in one year, certain conditions apply. A full time student can typically complete a Bachelor Degree program within four years. The Associate Degree programs can generally be completed in two years, while the Diploma programs often take a year or less

Master Degrees

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Bachelor Degrees

• Bachelor of Business Administration
   o General Business
   o Human Resource Managemen
   o Management
   o Marketing
• Bachelor of Science, Accounting
• Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
   o Database Management
   o Networking
   o Web Development
• Bachelor of Science, Health Information Administration
• Bachelor of Science, Health Services Management
• Bachelor of Science, Realtime Reporting
• Bachelor of Arts, Law and Social Justice

Associate Degrees

• Business Administration
• Business Computer Accounting
• Computer and Information Science
• Health Information Technology
• Judicial Reporting
• Medical Assistant
• Paralegal Studies

Diploma Programs

• Medical Coding and Billing
• Medical Office Technician
• Pharmacy Technician

Admission Eligibility for International Students:

To be eligible for admission into Midstate College, please contact AMA office and or its representative; the student must be at least 18 years old prior to the program start date and provide proof of completion of a valid secondary education degree. Any secondary degree equivalency must be approved by AMA and the College. Students must also meet the admissions criteria listed below.

Documentation Required

An international student must provide the following documentation to AMA’s Designated Official at the Admissions Department in order to obtain a Form I-20 from Midstate College.

1. Student will submit a completed International Application for Admission with AMA
2. Student will submit application fee to AMA.
3. Student may complete the Midstate College entrance exam; a passing score may be required; for details contact AMA office or its authorized person.
4. Student will provide proof of English proficiency.
5. Student will provide evidence of financial support, consult AMA office for details.
6. Student must have Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university and must have GPA 2.5 or better to apply for the MBA program; also meet other admission requirements. For details, check with AMA’s admission office and or its authorized person.
7. Student must provide official high or college transcripts for all other programs; also check with AMA’s admission office and or its authorized person.
8. Student will submit a photocopy of their passport.
9. Student will provide proof of health insurance showing coverage for the duration of the student’s time in the United States.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all documentation is provided to AMA for meeting the Midstate College Admissions requirement.

Financial Support

A prospective student must submit financial documentation as per AMA’s requirement and certifying access to funding for the duration of the student’s program, pursuant to federal code. If the student is self-funded, they must submit an official original bank letter on bank letterhead (in English) which certifies the account holder’s name, date account was opened, type of account, current balance in U.S. dollars, and date of statement. This certification must show available liquid funds as per the offer letter AMA issue to the candidate, for the first-year expenses at Midstate College, exclusive of travel expenses. Certification of funds must be dated within 30 days of issuing the I-20.

If the student has a sponsor, the Affidavit of Support (Form I-134) must be filled out and submitted to AMA’s admissions representative, as well as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Questions regarding the Affidavit of Support can be viewed at: Affidavit of Support Instructions.

Designated AMA’s Representative

If you have any questions, please contact one of the designated AMA officials listed below.

Jacqueline Adams
Admission Relation Manager