Programs Offered
Masters and Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Diploma Programs

Midstate College offers many degrees that fit into the career plans of any student. For MBA program, full time student can complete the degree in one year, certain conditions apply. A full time student can typically complete a Bachelor Degree program within four years. The Associate Degree programs can generally be completed in two years, while the Diploma programs often take a year or less

Master Degrees

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    MBA Program – for International Medical Graduates (junior doctors)

International Doctors holding MBBS or MD or Equivalent medical degree candidates are welcome to join our Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program, with optional Health Care Management Training.

• Candidates with the MBBS or MD or an equivalent medical degree background can finish the MBA Degree with the optional Health Care Management Training in 15 months’ time. [Candidates can also finish the program in as little as 12 months, or can take up to 18 months].

• Control your future by tailoring your MBA degree to meet your professional goals. You also have the options of taking UCMLE step 1, step 2 and step 3 exams and applying for a US residency, then moving on to obtain a US medical license, or you can follow the route of becoming a business executive for the high-demand field of Health Care Management, which is also a very lucrative option.

Complete your MBA degree with the optional training in Health Care Management, in 15 months’ time:

The MBA requires a total of 56 credits for completion, and you have the option of getting the training in Health Care Management at no additional cost.
Candidates with MBBS or MD or Equivalent foreign Medical Degree background enrolled for the program must, at minimum, complete a total of 56 quarter hours, with two elective courses at Midstate. With the foregoing, these candidates can complete the MBA degree in 15 months’ time, or in 12 months tine (for the shorter format, certain conditions apply).

Why choose the AMA-Midstate MBA?
AMA-Midstate has created a solid opportunity in the US Health Care field through the combination of completing this MBA program, combined with the optional USMLE training and the US clinical observation program.

• World class education and practical training opportunity in the US health care field during or after the program, as an option

• Multiple start dates per year (quarter and semi-quarter systems)

• Supportive and experienced faculty

• Student-centric admissions requirements

• Candidates can participate in the optional USMLE step 1 and step 2 exam training program, in parallel to the MBA program.

• GMAT/GRE is not required.

• Modified leveling courses for non-business Bachelor’s degree holders (some conditions may apply)

• With this MBA program, doors open for you to achieve your dream to become a US licensed physician.

Optional USMLE step 1 and step 2 Course:

Candidates also have the option of simultaneously completing our USMLE step 1, step 2 training, (this is NOT part of the MBA program). For every group of 10 to 15 international junior doctor candidates, AMA offers the USMLE step 1 and step 2 training which includes Basic life support (BLS), Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced life support (LALS). The training is conducted over sixteen weeks and includes exam reviews and preparation, six weeks of clinical observation and two weeks of limited practical training in the health care field (a total 24 weeks). The normal fee for this training is US$16,500, however, currently AMA is offering a 100% scholarship as a special promotion for this training (this opportunity will not be available for long!). Candidates can register for this USMLE training program after the start of regular MBA classes at Midstate’s campus in Peoria, Illinois.

    MBA Program – for non-Medical graduates

Control your future by tailoring your degree to meet your professional goals with options designed to prepare business leaders for high-demand fields such as General Business, Marketing, Global Business and Leadership or acquire a variety of interdisciplinary skills in our MBA general program.

Midstate College’s MBA program takes an interdisciplinary approach to deepening your understanding of a broad range of business skills. You will also increase your knowledge of the global, technological and ethical issues in today’s business world.

Why choose the AMA-Midstate MBA?

• World class education with optional global residency

• Multiple start dates per year (quarter systems; Feb, May, August and Nov.)

•Supportive and experienced faculty; Student-centric admissions requirements

• Student-centric admissions requirements

• IELTS score 6.0 can be waived by taking ESL course in the US; other options are also available

• GMAT/GRE is not required.

• Modified leveling courses for non-business Bachelor’s degree holders

• Three year bachelor’s degree holders are welcome to join the MBA program (some conditions may apply)

• AMA offers US$5,000 scholarship for candidates with the three year Bachelor’s degree

•Three months of optional practical training during or after the study period, with a stipend

Do you have a passion for business and people? Join our unique and practical MBA program. Business is science and art. To succeed, you need to know the numbers, build trusting relationships, and lead under pressure. That’s only the beginning. So, we find that the best-rounded students with some work experience flourish in the Midstate MBA program and beyond.

Do you want an edge in your career?

With AMA-Midstate College MBA, you gain knowledge, experience, and a strong network (through our teaching, coaching and optional industry training experience and our international residency experience). Take the global market for example, we recognize that international experience can mean the difference between getting that new position or getting left behind in today’s business environment, so we offer an opportunity for an international residency and industry training options for our candidates.

Take your Career to the next level

1. Through our MBA program, you'll gain not only the tools and resources to take your career further but make the necessary connections, too.
2. Recruitment and Networking opportunities with various industries are available upon completing the MBA program.
3. A significant benefit of our MBA experience is the connections you can make with fellow students, alumni, and faculty. We encourage our students to take advantage of our workshops, which include:

• Effective presentation skills

• Leadership skills

• Negotiations

• Networking

• Financial modeling

• Marketing and Project management skills

• Personal Management and Communication skills

• Global Business Understanding

Global Residency
AMA-Midstate International Residency (optional)
Our global economy is becoming more and more interdependent and business leaders, managers and executives are faced with societal and cultural challenges when conducting business internationally.
To prepare you for those challenges, AMA-Midstate International Residency immerses the MBA candidate in the global business environment through real life altering learning experiences over a ten-day period. This allows the candidate to gain a new perspective on how businesses function within the global environment and gain a deeper understanding of the international economic, cultural and regulatory environments which influence 21st century business processes.
The AMA-Midstate international residency includes:

• Numerous business visits

• Cultural tours

• Group dinners

• Welcome and farewell receptions

• Free evenings to explore the city

• Lectures

The international residency features:

• Lectures from international business experts

• Visits to different foreign businesses, allowing candidates to gain a better understanding of the current global business environment

• Distinguished guest speakers

• Site visits to a variety of country-specific businesses/regulatory bodies.

• Cultural excursions and guidelines to provide greater understanding.

• Cultural excursions and guidelines to provi
de greater understanding.

• Cultural excursions and guidelines to provi
de greater understanding.

• Fun and life altering experiences.

The AMA-Midstate international residency is one of the most memorable, rewarding, challenging, and fun parts of the MBA experience with Midstate College.

Additional Costs:

This optional international experience is not included in the standard tuition and fees.

Join Midstate College MBA classes where you’ll be coached and taught to be a successful professional in this twenty-first century business environment.

Bachelor Degrees

• Bachelor of Business Administration
   o General Business
   o Human Resource Managemen
   o Management
   o Marketing
• Bachelor of Science, Accounting
• Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
   o Database Management
   o Networking
   o Web Development
• Bachelor of Science, Health Information Administration
• Bachelor of Science, Health Services Management
• Bachelor of Science, Realtime Reporting
• Bachelor of Arts, Law and Social Justice

Associate Degrees

• Business Administration
• Business Computer Accounting
• Computer and Information Science
• Health Information Technology
• Judicial Reporting
• Medical Assistant
• Paralegal Studies

Diploma Programs

• Medical Coding and Billing
• Medical Office Technician
• Pharmacy Technician

Designated AMA’s Representative

If you have any questions, please contact one of the designated AMA officials listed below.

Jacqueline Adams
Admission Relation Manager